but simplified, multiplied and optimized.

Tailored APY to your Risk Appetite

Various staking durations available Automated Process Maximize Profit and Minimize
  • APY: Up to 5% and more
  • Managed with WiseLSD® algorithm

What does BlastFi do?


BlastFi provides a restaking solution that offers a tokenized version of users' staked tokens while they are staked, and then restakes the tokenized asset across multiple protocols for additional rewards. This relieves users from common risks associated with holding the tokenized asset, such as impermanent loss, smart contract vulnerabilities, and market manipulation

WiseLSD® Algorithm Optimization

BlastFi has developed a proprietary AI algorithm called WiseLSD®, meticulously designed to autonomously inspect all staking protocols across blockchain networks periodically. By assessing comprehensive real-time data, WiseLSD® provides users with curated staking pool options, prioritizing risk assessment and maximizing earnings

Validator Administration

BlastFi maintains node operators for running validators on layer-1 blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH). When staking with BlastFi, users' assets are staked with an operator from a set, allocated round-robin style. Rewards are shared among all tokenized asset holders, irrespective of the chosen operator.

Why BlastFi?

BlastFi is dedicated to making a positive impact in the Web3 landscape, always striving for innovation and efficiency, with the ultimate goal of maximizing rewards for our users while contributing to the sustainable growth of both our ecosystem and the blockchain community.

Automated optimization

Utilizing WiseLSD® algorithm, BlastFi optimizes staking strategies across the entire Web3 landscape, saving time and assessing risk for users

Tailored Preference

With AI-driven auto-balance algorithms, BlastFi offers preset investing pools for users to manage assets based on individual risk and reward preferences.

Cross-chain Efficiency

BlastFi operates seamlessly across multiple chains, leveraging optimized smart contracts to maximize interest rates with lightning-fast processing


To promote network security, foster ecosystem growth while maintaining liquidity and utility for users, BlastFi employs a dual-token model, separating utility functions and economic incentives within the ecosystem.

BDAO Token

The BDAO token serves as BlastFi's governance token, obtainable through USDT/USDB staking or initial allocations. BDAO token holders can actively engage in DAO voting and participate in platform decisions

BRES Token

The BRES token serves as the primary utility token within BlastFi's ecosystem, facilitating various functions and interactions on the platform. Users receive BRES tokens as rewards when participating in BlastFi's staking and restaking activities.

BCOM Token

The BCOM token, BlastFi's stablecoin, is generated through initial allocations and distributed during specified events or campaigns. Stakeholders can stake BCOM tokens to earn BRES tokens, enhancing their involvement in the platform's activities

Our Ecosystem


Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about our company and services.

BlastFi is a cutting-edge Restaking platform that leverages artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms (WiseLSD®) to automate investments, allowing users to earn tailored rewards on their staked assets.

BlastFi utilizes advanced AI algorithms, specifically WiseLSD®, to autonomously analyze staking protocols across blockchain networks. This technology evaluates real-time data to curate staking pool options, predict performance, and adjust investments automatically based on users' risk tolerance levels, optimizing earnings while prioritizing risk assessment.

Restaking on BlastFi involves reinvesting staked assets to earn additional rewards. Users stake their assets, and through restaking protocols, rewards are continuously reinvested to maximize earnings over time, compounding returns. BlastFi automates this process, ensuring investments are continually optimized for the best possible returns.

To begin investing, users create an account, deposit BNB, and explore available staking and restaking options on the platform. By setting their risk tolerance levels, BlastFi's AI-powered platform handles the rest, automatically investing BNB to earn rewards.

Initially, BlastFi supports BNB Chain (BNB) for restaking while also support to restake from BNB to other chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum and Solana. Our expansion strategy aims to diversify offerings to include various tokens, providing users with flexibility and maximizing opportunities.

BlastFi continuously monitors and updates our AI algorithms to adapt to market changes, ensuring that investment strategies remain effective. Machine learning models learn from new data and market conditions, maintaining optimal performance and alignment with users' goals.

Users can fund their accounts by transferring BNB directly to their BlastFi wallet address from external wallets or exchange accounts. The platform supports various methods for convenient BNB deposits.

Yes, you have the flexibility to withdraw your funds, including your initial investment and earned rewards, at any time. However, for time-bound staked assets, users must adhere to the set staking period. Withdrawal requests are processed promptly to ensure funds are available when needed.

BlastFi charges fees for certain transactions or services, such as staking and restaking activities. All fees are transparently disclosed to users. Our fee structure includes a nominal charge for the automated investment services we offer, ensuring that our interests are aligned with the success of our users — we only profit when you do. Detailed fee information is available on our dApp for each restaking option.

BlastFi utilizes WiseLSD® to assess investment options based on factors like risk tolerance, potential returns, and market conditions. We offer diversified portfolio tailored to optimize returns based on users' risk tolerance levels.

Yes, BlastFi allows users to manage multiple portfolios with varying risk tolerances, enabling them to diversify investment strategies and explore different levels of potential returns.

No, BlastFi operates on a performance-based fee structure, ensuring alignment with users' success. The platform does not charge maintenance or subscription fees.

BlastFi employs robust security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, secure smart contracts, and continuous monitoring, to protect investments and personal information.

BlastFi collects minimal personal information necessary for account creation and investment optimization. This information is protected with robust privacy measures and is never sold or shared with third parties.

If encountering issues, users can contact BlastFi's 24/7 support team through the platform's support section. They will guide through the troubleshooting process and promptly resolve any issues.

Users can stay informed by subscribing to the newsletter, following BlastFi on social media, or regularly checking the website's news section for the latest updates and feature announcements.

BlastFi prioritizes user privacy, implementing stringent data protection measures such as encryption and secure data storage. The platform complies with relevant data protection regulations, safeguarding user data against unauthorized access or misuse.

BlastFi offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation designed for users of all experience levels. With educational resources available, beginners can understand the investment process and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Profits from successful arbitrage trades are typically credited to your account shortly after the trade is completed.

We offer various withdrawal options, including cryptocurrency transfers and bank transfers, based on your preferences.

Yes, there is a minimum withdrawal amount that varies depending on the cryptocurrency you're withdrawing.

Withdrawal fees may apply and can vary based on the cryptocurrency and withdrawal method. Please refer to our Withdrawal section for details.

Withdrawal processing times vary depending on the cryptocurrency network and the withdrawal method chosen.

Yes, you can reinvest your profits immediately after they are credited to your account to continue trading.

We have withdrawal limits in place to ensure security. You can find the specific limits in our Withdrawal section.

Enable two-factor authentication, use strong passwords, and follow our security recommendations to protect your payouts.

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